Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lana Crooks

I tried to find a good taxidermy artist to post about but I got distracted by well the fact that the animals were totally dead and real. I wanted to find something along the lines of the animals as art but in a more light-hearted feel. I came across Lana Crooks who was the answer to my blogging prayers!

Her "faux taxidermy" is basically plush animals shaped to look like taxidermy art. Whats so great about that is 1. no dead animals and 2. a much more cuter feel and quite unique.

Lana Crooks herself is a bit of a cooky girl and her art definitely shows it (her facebook is even called Lana "the plushinator" Crooks)! She started as an illustrator but discovered her art of sculpture through fabrics and buttons and now operates in a studio in Chicago surrounded by a menagerie of plush animals and her sidekick cat Tanuki.

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