Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Séraphine de Senlis

From rags to riches to back to rags this is the story of Madam Seraphine! She began as a sweet, odd old housemade who would only paint in her spare time when she wasn't working her butt off when a German art collector discovered what she was capable of. He began to push her to make more and eventually it paid off because she made some of the first abstract arts and with beautiful floral arrangements. Unfortunately over time as her paintings grew bigger, more abstract, and exceedingly beautiful... she also went very mad! She began to be more critical of herself and cared too much for the opinions of others (and she had a nasty habbit of spending money like there was no tomorrow). She was sent to an insane asylum and passed away there. Her beautiful art should not be forgotten though. She is probably the first female artist to create works of her kind.

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