Sunday, November 20, 2011

Georgia O'Keffe

Born from a modest family of seven children and daughter to diary farmers. At age 10 she decided she wanted to be an artist. She and her sister were for a while instructed by Sara Mann a local watercolorist, but after high school is when she went on to an art institute for more formal instruction.

Although extremely successful for a women of her time, she often found it dificult to distinguish herself as an artist and for a while did not paint at all, the smell of turpintine made her sick. But then one day she was able to find inspiration again and painted many great works of art.

Her truest self however came when she moved to New Mexico for a time. She still had a difficult time finding ways to be inspired and often though to move to New York or travel across Europe but decided on a whim to travel to New Mexico where she found her true inspiration in the dry aired desert.

I find her story completely inspiring as I myself also find it hard to get truly inspired. And I also find her works to be beautiful and memorizing.

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